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Government Network Services

4.9 GHz Public Safety and Homeland Security Broadband Spectrum
Public Safety services as defined under Part 90 rule section 90.523 are eligible to hold a
4.9 GHz license. All state or local governmental entities (including municipal utilities)
are eligible to hold 4.9 GHz licenses. Entities not eligible to hold a license, but which
perform operations in support of public safety, (such as private critical infrastructure
industries) can negotiate sharing agreements with 4.9 GHz public safety licensees. The
federal government is not eligible to hold 4.9 GHz licenses but can share state and local
public safety systems. Sharing of systems must be by written agreement between the
licensee and the party sharing the system and all communications by the non-licensee
must be in support of public safety, related to the protection of life, health or property.

Types of Uses:
The 4.9 GHz band has been allocated to public safety for broadband technologies.
Communications must be related to the protection of life, health or property. Examples
of types of uses are:
      • Wireless LANS for incident scene management
      • Mobile data
      • Video security
      • VoIP
      • PDA connectivity
      • Hotspots
      • T1 line replacement (fixed point-to-point operations are secondary to base mobile  and temporary fixed operations)



Center Frequency (MHz)

Channel Bandwidth

1 4940.5 1 MHz
2 4941.5 1 MHz
3 4942.5 1 MHz
4 4943.5 1 MHz
5 4944.5 1 MHz
6 4947.5 5 MHz
7 4952.5 5 MHz
8 4957.5 5 MHz
9 4962.5 5 MHz
10 4967.5 5 MHz
11 4972.5 5 MHz
12 4977.5 5 MHz
13 4982.5 5 MHz
14 4985.5 1 MHz
15 4986.5 1 MHz
16 4987.5 1 MHz
17 4988.5 1 MHz
18 4989.5 1 MHz

According to Motorola and FCC

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