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Why LRC-Wireless
Long Range Communications, Inc is a high quality wireless Wi-Fi internet service provider. Our goal is to use our technology expertise to deliver best service to our customers.

Our primary service is wholesale Wireless WiFi Internet Access; we deliver internet connectivity to every computer within the building. Additionally we can provide “cable” internet access with VoIP telephony. If there are more then one building in the area we can join them in the single grid by means of wireless bridges.

With the experience of more then 5 Years we understand that quality of service is the most important factor in our business. Our technicians are certified by Microsoft and Cisco

LRC is ICIC Initiative for a Competitive Inner City ’05 Winner

LRC is one of the 23 best growing companies in NYC, based on results of
Bank of America and CITIZENS for NYC competition '05
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Gigabit Wireless Network Bridge 60 and 80 GHzHigh Speed Gigabit Wireless Network (September 07, 2008)
As of August 2008 LRC-Wireless will be rolling out wireless grid network in south Brooklyn. The Grid Network is network built by means of wireless Point to Point (PtP) bridges. Expected speed of bridge links ranging from 10Mbps to 1 Gigabit. Bridges will utilize various frequencies such as 5.8, 60 and 80 GHz. With the Grid Network the internet users will be able to access internet with connection speeds as high as 155Mbit/s which is 5x times faster then FiOS and 103 times faster then cable. Such connections will be available only to participating buildings and require additional infrastructure to be installed. To take full advantage of Grid Network we recommend building owners to subscribe to CableJack service along with regular LRC-Wireless builder package. For grid network subscriptions please contact our sales department.

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Network Statistics:
Down: 7368.05 Gb
2354.12 Gb
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