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Today: Jul 20, 2024

Cablejack – Cable Internet Access (Smartbuilding)

CableJack Ethernet Internet Access ServiceInternet Access Ethernet Jack (Wall Outlet)

Wireless Internet service delivers great mobility and comfort to home and business users, but some times wireless is not enough. Bandwidth hungry applications, microwave ovens and cordless phones may disturb wireless network and increase the latency. We understand such concerns and we would like to introduce our new service called CableJack by LRC-Wireless. CableJack is the Ethernet based network deployed in the building in conjunction with regular wireless network. In this way residents of the building have two options for accessing internet. One is WiFi wireless network and another regular Ethernet network.


Why CableJack is Better? 

Ethernet networks in the buildings are not new to the market, there are many companies do similar things, but the fact that they are doing it doesn’t mean that they are doing it right. Our goal is not only deliver internet to the residence (as we are already doing it) but rather deliver the backbone for all additional services. First and foremost difference between out CableJack Ethernet Internet Access network is that it provides maximum security. We have 2 layers of firewalls and every cable has its own “id” which prevents others from intercepting it and viewing your files from neighbor computers.  Number two reason is that we build the LAN network for your residence, meaning every RJ-45 jack in your residence is connected to the single LAN. In another words if you have Desktop in your bedroom and Laptop in the Living room and printer in the office, you will be able to share files and use network printer without installing any additional equipment such as routers, switches, and messy wires on the floors. The way it works is that we already have configured all the jacks in your residence to be on the single LAN network. We are a wireless company and even though we now providing wire service we keep all the wires out of your apartment or office. The third reason is that we want maximum scalability for you so all our wires are IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet compliant, which means that if you wan to add and VoIP SIP phone or your own Access Point at your house you don’t need to have any extra power supplies for it, the power will come directly form our line. (You do need PoE compliant device though). In this way we reduce amount of wires in your apartment to the minimum. Finally there is one more reason to use CableJack and no one on the market is offering it. If you have a friend in your building, or you have office on different floor, we can link them in to the same LAN for files sharing or Printer Sharing. So lets say you live on the 7th Floor and you have your medical office on the first floor and you want to be able to access your business files or expansive color laser printer from home, normally you would have to get another wire, drill some walls and floors and install couple of switches, but with CableJack there is no need for it, we will join both of your locations without any extra wires. More over lets say you decide to move from 7th floor to the penthouse on the 10th floor, there is no need to add any wires, we will just reconfigure our service to use 10th floor jacks in your apartment to loop with once in your office on the first floor.


Service Summary:

1.       Up to 15 Mbps Internet Access Speed

2.       Secure Internet Access

3.       Single LAN on all jacks in the house

4.       Smart Power over Ethernet for less power supplies

5.       Smart LAN Portability and Interconnectivity between apartments

6.       No need for Wires in the house

7.       No need for any network equipment in the house

8.       100 Mbps LAN Speed


Why Landlord Should Install?

Simply you make more money if you have it. And if you don’t have it you are loosing your positions on the market. Sounds to simple but it is a reality. If you don’t want to reduce your sales cycle and increase the value you don’t add add-on services. In nowadays Real Estate market gets more and more competitive, and in order to sale the building faster owners have to provide more add-on services to their buyers. Having Ethernet + Wireless Internet service in the building as the part of the infrastructure increases the value and the prestige of the property. More over if we have basic wiring infrastructure we can add extra special services such as Internet enabled security cameras, intercoms that can identify every one who enters the building, RFID locks and more.



The cost of the CableJack has two parts, first one is the installation cost and that includes both the equipment and the labor. And the second cost is the monthly fee associated with the maintenance of the network. Both prices depend on the size of the building.   



In order to provide CableJack service we need to install at least one wire in every room of the building. It is good idea to do it during the construction of the building (it is still possible to install it for already constricted buildings but it is not recommended) Depending on number of units per floor we will need the space in common areas (telecom clothed) to install our smart switches there. We will also install rack mount cabinet in the telecom room on the first floor or in the basement. The installation process is similar to low voltage telephone wires installation, except the fact that we have switches and patch panels on every floor. We are not in installation business and if needed can use your electrical or low voltage company to install wires for us.

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