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Today: Dec 07, 2023

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Services Overview:
In now days with the growth of the popularity of the Wi-Fi and internet connectivity in general, the internet connectivity becomes a necessity for many groups of people. Such groups of people are collage students and business professionals. Those groups of people represend large portion of the population, especially in NYC. Here at LRC we understand such a demand for high speed internet connectivity, that’s why we developed special solution.

Long Range Communications provides high quality wireless internet to residential buildings. Wireless Business Residential Internet (WBRI) is a service designed to be implemented in new and under constriction residential buildings. It delivers high quality wireless broadband to each apartment in the building; in addition it delivers internet connectivity to all common areas inside the building plus areas nearby outdoors.

All equipment will be installed during the construction of the building, and afterwards will become part of the building infrastructure. There will be, in most of the cases, at least one Access Point installed on each floor, in addition there will be at leas one server installed in telecommunications room. The network will be build to cover all areas in the building plus the users will be able to connect to the network in the range of 100m (300 feet) away from the building. Overall users will have steady wireless internet connection literary every where with the speed of minimum 1.5Mbs, which is 30times faster than Dial-Up and 6 times faster than DSL.

Unlike every other service provider who sales their service to the apartment residents, we sale our service directly to the land lord or the building managing company. The reason for this is simple it creates an opportunity to increase the revenues of building owner. Here is simple case study. The building has 320 apartments, 16 floors, 20 apartments per floor. The initial during construction cost of the equipment is $20,000 for all building. Comparing to the construction cost of the building, such price is fairly small. Now the monthly service cost is $2,000. Now, all of this designes so that land lord will provide internet connectivity to its residents for “free”. Here is an explanation why would it bring additional profits to the land lord. First, since the internet connectivity would be provided for free it would increase overall prestige of the building and will attract more resident to it, because it will deliver additional competitive advantage. Because the building is new land lord can set the price to any level, so the price for the apartments could be raised let say by $25 which will not play a significant role in deciding if the potential resident wants to rent an apartment. Now the expanse for service for each apartment for service is $6.25 monthly, which gives the owner a profit of $18.75 per apartment and $6000 per building monthly. Which also means that in 4 month land lord will return all its original startup investment and by the end of the first year will make the profit of $48,000. Certelly the profit could be hier if land lord will increase the price of the apartment by biger amount.

In addition, besides the internet connectivity, we will set up full operating hot spot, which mean that the every one who lives in that building before they access wireless internet service would be redirected to the home page of the building where that could see any information provided by the owner. It could be available apartments for rent or special message to the residents. Also resident of your building will be able to access our wireless network at all other locations. Which increase the prestige of your building even more.
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